Tuesday, September 19, 2023
Building a customer IAM strategy with acceptance and retention in mind

Security and identity technologies typically tend to evolve faster than users' attitudes toward change. For that reason, it can be difficult incentivizing your customer base to adopt secure IAM practices, even if it's in their best interest. This session will look at how in this age of rapid digital transformation, organizations can hopefully get consumers on board with various identity management practices and tools by making sure the customer experience is painless, while also emphasizing the benefits.

Glen Taylor
Leading edge of SASE

What are the top factors that move businesses from the bottom 10% to the top 10% of SASE deployments? In this session, Advisory CISO Wolfgang Goerlich will look at the latest data from Cisco’s Security Outcomes Report to analyze current trends in SASE strategy. From access management to data protection to how to manage it all, Wolfgang will discuss where to focus first in your strategies and how to build strong relationships that position your SASE pivot a success!

J. Wolfgang Goerlich
Whose job Is fighting account fraud anyway? Unlocking collaboration for stronger account security

Join us for an engaging webinar where we delve into the pressing issue of account fraud in today's digital landscape. Verosint co-founders will provide insights into the challenges of account fraud today and offer strategies for effectively fighting account fraud.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Implement a cross-functional team approach to fighting account fraud and the role each team plays in the overall account security strategy.
  • Leverage your frontline players by engaging your customer service and support teams in the battle to know “who’s there?”
  • Create a comprehensive, coordinated anti-fraud approach with actionable strategies for improving communication and collaboration across teams 
  • Strike a balance between security and convenience by implementing robust security measures and providing a seamless user experience for your customers.
  • Harness the power of AI and data analytics to detect risk and identify account fraud more effectively.

By attending this webinar, you will come away with a deeper understanding of the challenges surrounding account fraud and the strategies that can be employed to create a safer digital environment for your organization and your customers.  

We hope you’ll join us and be part of this thought-provoking discussion. Together, let's pave the way for a more secure digital future.

Mark Batchelor Steve Shoaff
Designing your IAM solutions with a Zero Trust mindset

Adoption of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is absolutely critical in designing modern software solutions. Identity of the user and device are critical primary pillars in ZTA. Continuous authentication framework that is continually assessing risk and adjusting the trust (associated with the users and device) in the background is the need of the hour. This session is going to share guiding principles in designing a robust signal sharing framework that can introduce continuous authentication into your existing IAM solutions.

Swarna Kavi
Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Identity: It's not just for people anymore

Non-person identity management is rapidly changing how we protect our applications and services within, across, and beyond organizational borders. With the ever-increasing number of cloud providers, platforms, and SaaS services, you need a holistic approach to protecting your organization's data no matter where it's moving. 

Three technologies that play a crucial role in accelerating non-person identity management (Sigstore, Open Policy Agent and SPIFFE) can ensure you know precisely where every line of code in your organization came from, how and where it was built, how it got deployed to production, and that it hasn't been modified in operation. 

We'll discuss how software development and security are changing and why we need to be ahead of the curve to help our organizations provide a zero-trust foundation for all our applications and services, so we don't repeat the errors of our past.

Matt Topper
Preparing for a decentralized identity world

In this session, you will learn about the present challenges facing authentication, how we prepare for the future, and why you should care. We’ll dive into the separation of work and home identities, passwordless authentication with Passkeys, and how that leads us to a future where our identities are decentralized.

Mat Grimes Leya Leydiker
PAM is a marathon, not a sprint

PAM is often seen as a "checkbox" that is required for insurance. And it is seen as a good security practice in general. But when is it done? How far do you need to go before it is complete? In this session we will discuss what your baseline should be, and if or when you can truly say you've completed a PAM program. Three industry-leading experts in the identity space will be sharing a wide variety of knowledge about how PAM is viewed, and how you should be looking at PAM.

John Carnes Brandon Dunlap Shawn Harris
Why a device trust system is optimal and no longer optional

The industry is steadily shifting from an old and outdated password authentication model to identity with biometrics. This is a good thing. But we can’t stop there. Our devices, themselves, also need a true identity, an identity that can’t be faked or stolen. With an estimated 22% (32.6 million) of the American workforce working remotely by 2025, the continued evolution of secure remote access needs to include the devices that provide the access.

For IT organizations, infrastructure access from global engineers also needs to be taken into consideration. Devices from all over the globe are requesting access to critical servers, databases, Kubernetes clusters and applications. How do we efficiently trust these devices and the users behind them?

In this talk, we’ll discuss the importance of device trust and how it can be achieved using a platform like Teleport to lock down the devices accessing your sensitive company information.  We’ll cover some of the benefits, like easy and secure offboarding, through to the steps needed to properly enforce registration of devices and — more importantly — enrollments.

Travis Rodgers
Biometrics & human-centered AI in the automotive domain

The smart vehicle of tomorrow needs to know its driver. Our vehicles have become supercomputers on wheels, with hundreds of sensors collecting every imaginable data point, thousands of times every second.

Shashank Dhariwal