Full Name
Shashank Dhariwal
Job Title
Technical Architect
Continental AG
Speaker Bio
Shashank Dhariwal is an AI Specialist with 9+ years of experience in the Biometrics and Automotive industry. With an impressive career starting with Masters at the University of Southampton, he has been at the forefront of driving digital transformation and fostering innovation within the organization.
As a biometrics expert, Shashank is playing a key role in the development of seamless keyless entry for vehicles, making the driving experience more convenient and secure. Additionally, he led the implementation of Emotion Recognition, allowing for personalized user experiences in cars.
Shashank's contributions extend beyond technical expertise. As the Innovation Manager, he is responsible for driving impactful campaigns, projects, and nurturing a culture of innovation within the company and has several publications and patents to his name. His strong leadership skills have been instrumental in forging strategic partnerships and advancing the company's initiatives in the field of AI and biometrics.
In the course of his career, Shashank has showcased his thought leadership as a speaker and panellist on 'Contactless Biometrics' at prominent events like Identity Week Europe & Asia. His expertise in AI and data analysis also led him to manage RPA product development for various corporate departments, resulting in substantial cost savings and increased efficiency.
Outside of his professional pursuits, Shashank is a passionate travel photographer, and finds joy in watching football.
Shashank Dhariwal