Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Zero Trust with Zero Fluff

Join Cisco Advisory CISO Wolfgang Goerlich for a practical discussion on the promises and the realities of zero trust architecture for the enterprise. Past the buzzwords and lofty promises, can zero-trust strategies help build better defenses where the rubber hits the road? In this talk, you’ll learn which types of organizations are most likely to have adopted zero-trust initiatives, how they are handling their legacy systems and assets, and what accelerates adoption across the business.

Wolfgang Goerlich
A Zero Trust Checklist: What you need from your zero trust platform

Let's face it, zero trust has become a buzzword. But all of the marketing spin has arisen precisely because zero trust is so beneficial for the modern enterprise. Organizations around the world are embracing zero trust so that they can securely enable their digital transformations as well as become more agile and competitive. Regardless, the myriads of point products and tools inappropriately labeled as "zero trust" are making it more difficult for organizations to cut through the noise, determine what zero trust actually is, and identify what they need from a zero trust platform. 
This session is designed to clarify what you can expect from a zero trust architecture as well as what you should be looking for when deciding which platform to deploy. Tune in to learn:
•    Why you cannot get zero trust from a traditional, perimeter-based architecture
•    How a zero trust architecture works and why it's different
•    The key solution areas that need to be part of the zero trust platform you deploy
•    Why the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is the ideal way to achieve a zero trust architecture

Jacob Serpa, Sr.
How generative AI leaps makes zero trust even more important, especially around API security

Generative AI makes it easier and faster for attackers to steal credentials, impersonate legitimate users, discover vulnerabilities and write malicious code. This potential acceleration of attacker capabilities makes the adoption of zero-trust security models even more imperative. We'll discuss how zero trust can blunt the impact of AI-aided attacks, and how organizations can use AI to strengthen their own defenses through API security and continuous access evaluation techniques.

Dan Higham
Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Setting up an effective and telling zero-trust pilot program

Migrating to a zero-trust model is a challenge for any organization. That's why many experts recommend first creating and implementing a zero-trust pilot program as a trial run for a full migration. In this eSummit session, we'll be discussing why and how to set up a zero-trust pilot program, and how to overcome any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

Christine Owen
Zero Trust: 2024 Outlook

Chahak Mittal, Cybersecurity Governance Risk and Compliance Manager at Universal Logistics Holdings and an esteemed member of Cybersecurity Collaborative’s Detroit chapter, joins CRA’s Bill Brenner to discuss zero trust challenges for the coming year, including security best practices to follow going forward.

Chahak Mittal
How to bolster supply-chain security with zero trust

Zero trust is an incredible helper for supply-chain security. But implementation remains a challenge and there's much to consider -- including the implications of AI. In this session, Security Weekly Co-Host Josh Marpet and CRA's Bill Brenner walk through the essentials needed to implement zero trust for stronger supply-chain security.

Josh Marpet