A Zero Trust Checklist: What you need from your zero trust platform
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Jacob Serpa, Sr.

Let's face it, zero trust has become a buzzword. But all of the marketing spin has arisen precisely because zero trust is so beneficial for the modern enterprise. Organizations around the world are embracing zero trust so that they can securely enable their digital transformations as well as become more agile and competitive. Regardless, the myriads of point products and tools inappropriately labeled as "zero trust" are making it more difficult for organizations to cut through the noise, determine what zero trust actually is, and identify what they need from a zero trust platform. 
This session is designed to clarify what you can expect from a zero trust architecture as well as what you should be looking for when deciding which platform to deploy. Tune in to learn:
•    Why you cannot get zero trust from a traditional, perimeter-based architecture
•    How a zero trust architecture works and why it's different
•    The key solution areas that need to be part of the zero trust platform you deploy
•    Why the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is the ideal way to achieve a zero trust architecture

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