Tuesday, December 12, 2023
FUD-free AI: Practical security applications

News articles about AI tend to focus on the negative, including the notion that the technology will turn on its creators, putting people out of work or worse.  But remove the FUD and you’ll find myriad ways in which AI can be a security enabler. In this interview with CRA’s Bill Brenner, Reddit Head of Software Security Matt Johansen discusses how AI is being used to add muscle to enterprise security programs.

Matt Johansen
Smarter. Better. Faster. Stronger: How Generative AI Will be a Force Multiplier for Security Analysts

The pressure on security analysts has never been higher. They’re being asked to do much more, faster, with less resources than ever. As the adversaries continue to speed up with the help of generative AI, there is only one path forward for defenders: meet them on the field with an equal and superior response. In this session, understand how generative AI can up-level even the most junior analyst into a seasoned threat hunter; one that is able to respond with the speed and precision needed to defeat modern adversaries.

In this session, see a demo of Charlotte AI, CrowdStrike’s generative AI security analyst, in action – based on real-world attacks from CrowdStrike’s world-class threat hunting, threat intelligence, and incident response teams. Charlotte AI showcases how security teams are fusing machine intelligence and human expertise through real-world use cases, each brought to life by cutting-edge large language models (LLMs).

Lucia Stanham
The AI arms race: Separating security threats from opportunities

Generative AI like ChatGPT and other large language models have blurred the lines between authentic sources and their imposters, but they’ve also given organizations a powerful tool to digest and make sense of incredible volumes of data. In this session, we discuss new research by SC Media regarding the central dilemma for AI applications in cybersecurity – their potential to be used for good or bad by actors across the ideological spectrum.

Bill Brenner Daniel Thomas
Securing AI: A practical guide to AI threats and mitigation strategies

Get a deep dive into the types of threats outlined by OWASP and beyond. You'll learn concrete, actionable steps to protect your team's AI projects from the biggest threats and get a chance to grasp the gravity of AI security by live-hacking AI Applications/LLMs. Join us to gain better knowledge and strategies to safeguard your organizations reputation, assets and bottom line in an AI-driven landscape.

Simon Maple
Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Future impacts of generative AI on the SOC

Since the arrival of generative AI tools, there’s been plenty of speculation around the impact AI will have on a range of professions, including information security. If you’re a SOC analyst, for example, you are likely wondering how AI will change your role for better or worse. Joining CRA’s Bill Brenner to unpack what the future may hold is Mark Weatherford, SVP and Chief Security Officer at AlertEnterprise and Chief Strategy Officer and a Director on the board at the National Cybersecurity Center.

Mark Weatherford
Five Ways to Blend Data Security Into AI Innovation

By now, many of us have considered, or even supported, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the enterprise. As companies increasingly rely on AI applications to support efficiency and spark innovation, a challenge emerges: ensuring sensitive, sometimes regulated data is not shared with these applications, even by well-meaning employees.

This webinar will delve into the data security concerns that companies face when employees upload sensitive data to AI applications and detail the five things to consider when putting the right guardrails in place to balance AI innovation with enterprise needs to protect corporate data.

In these 30 minutes, we’ll cover:

  • The key questions to ask when considering AI usage
  • Top data security concerns and how data can be leaked
  • Five security considerations to acknowledge when allowing the use of AI apps
  • A brief demo of these capabilities in action
Dan Gould
AI security: Taking advantage of trends in the security vendor landscape

A trend is taking root where vendors are popping up to service other security vendors and companies to protect their AI/ML models. What does this mean for your organization’s AI/ML security plans? Joining CRA’s Bill Brenner to unpack this is Michael Farnum, an Advisory CISO and 30-year veteran of the IT and information security fields.

Michael Farnum
Implications of Biden directive on AI security, and how to prepare

President Biden recently signed a wide-ranging directive on artificial intelligence as part of a broader pledge to steer AI models away from potential misuse before they’re released to the public. As co-chair of the cybersecurity and data privacy practice group at Husch Blackwell and a former attorney at NSA, Erik Dullea is looking at AI’s future through the legal lens and will talk to CRA’s Bill Brenner about what organizations need to know.

Erik Dullea