Gain cybersecurity knowledge and professional development, as well as up to 6.5 CPE credits by attending this educational event.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and automation… For years, cyber thought leaders have predicted that these technologies would be game-changing in both beneficial and deleterious ways. And yet the sudden emergence of tools like ChatGPT still caught many experts by surprise.

Many questions must still be answered, and policies and safeguards must be enacted to ensure that AI is used ethically and effectively to reduce cyber risk. Meanwhile, defenders will need to find ways to combat cyber adversaries’ malicious use of AI. It’s a rapidly changing world, and everyone needs to play catch-up. This eSummit will address many of the recent and surprising developments around AI and their key implications.

Topics will include:

• Insights from the latest research reports on AI

• The immense dangers and benefits of generative AI as it explodes on the scene

• How AI and automation are changing the roles of human cyber talent

• Ensuring that your AI’s data integrity remains intact, without corruption or bias