Shoring up security for the sake of patient care and privacy

For nearly two years, health organizations have battled a war on two fronts: a pandemic that drained resources and tested infrastructure capabilities, and cybercriminals targeting the most vulnerable in an effort to force a payout. Hospitals, research facilities, and medical providers find themselves scrambling to ensure networks are not vulnerable to ransomware attacks, that operational technology and medical devices don't introduce unforeseen risks, and that employees don't fall victim to phishing scams that could expose sensitive data or customer information. All this with limited personnel devoted to security, and reliance on legacy technology.

SC Media will host a two-day free event to dissect the cyber challenges and opportunities facing the health market, bringing together decision makers from across the segments of the market and thought leaders from both research and industry to ultimately assess the current state of information security and where health organizations must focus resources.

Feature speakers include:

Shefali Mookencherry
Shefali Mookencherry
Chief Information Security Officer
Edward-Elmhurst Health
Saif Abed
Dr. Saif Abed
Director of Cybersecurity Advisory Services
AbedGraham Group
Mark Jarrett
Dr. Mark Jarrett
Chief Quality Officer and Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Northwell Health
Anahi Santiago
Anahi Santiago
Chief Information Security Officer
Errol Weiss
Errol Weiss
Chief Security Officer

Session topics include:

Business continuity planning amid ransomware threat

Securing the remote landscape and telehealth

Risk management policies for medical devices and legacy platforms

HIPAA compliance requirements for partners

Security and privacy challenges for interoperability rules