RiskSec DIGITAL 2020: Resilient Thinking in an Unpredictable World

Two mornings that will change your mind 

Why Participate:

  • For cybersecurity's leaders and aspiring leaders: Unique among cybersecurity conferences, RiskSec invites delegates to stop and think about their work and their career — and how they might envision and open up new paradigms and pathways for success. At a time of great social and economic consequence, RiskSec 2020 asks attendees to look away from the immediate threat horizon and focus instead on the big picture.
  • For speakers, panelist and solution providers: RiskSec is a unique opportunity to influence the executives leading our cybersecurity defenses —  who are investing today in the strategies, systems and workforces of the future — at a time when cybersecurity has the very real potential to change the world we live in for the better.

Key Benefits:

  • Interactive: Each day includes four concurrent live ask-me-anything breakout sessions, where attendees ask questions of cybersecurity’s leading voices and other business and tech thinkers. Well-timed breaks provide a further opportunity for networking and learning.
  • Time-efficient: RiskSec is designed for easy viewing and engagement, emphasizing tight curation to accommodate attendees’ busy schedules. Each day, attendees will be able to turn their attention back to work by 1:30 PM EDT. 
  • Substantive, balanced content mix: Vendor sessions will be strictly limited to 15 minutes duration and will be substantive (case studies and demos only).
  • CPE credit: RiskSec attendees can receive up to 9 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.
  • Production values: Our goal is to deliver a vivid, powerful video experience emphasizing storytelling and "live journalism" formats.