Gain cybersecurity knowledge and professional development, as well as up to 6.5 CPE credits by attending this educational event.


The 2022 ransomware attacks against Costa Rica and Montenegro showed how entire countries can now be thrown into disarray as life-sustaining services become disabled. And the Colonial Pipeline incident demonstrated how critical infrastructure is not even out of bounds for attackers. The stakes just getting higher and the potential for major collateral damage – both financial and physical – only grows in severity. 


This eSummit will reveal the steps organizations must take to prevent worst-case scenarios – ideally cutting short attempted ransomware attacks, and minimizing their impact when they do happen. Topics will include: 


• The latest ransomware tactics and techniques you need to know  

• Lessons gleaned from the most significant ransomware incidents and research findings from the past year  

• Business exec accountability before and during an attack, and why ransomware is more than just a security problem 

• How to manage your security team during a ransomware crisis to reduce stress and strain 

• The role immutable back-ups play in your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy