Maturing the financial security model

Financial services are growing more sophisticated, better serving the digital demands of customers. That in turn opens new windows of opportunity for cybercriminals, requiring new security tactics to ensure the protection of networks and sensitive data.   

On December 13-14, SC Media will host a free two-day virtual event that examines the evolving approach to security by financial services organizations, tapping market security leaders to detail their own approaches to a shifting threat landscape and industry experts to offer insight on what we can expect to come in the next three to five years.  

Featured Speakers Include:

Mannie A. Romero
Mannie A. Romero
Vice President of Product Security
Early Warning (Zelle)
Steven Silberstein
Steven Silberstein
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh
Head of Marketing & Communication, Banking and Capital Markets
DXC Technology
Dustin White
Dustin White
Chief Data Risk Officer

Session Topics Include:

Countering phishing schemes that enable account takeover

Managing data in a global, multi-cloud environment

Compliance with stricter breach response guidelines

Cooperative efforts for fraud detection


The heightened threat of ransomware

The threat of mobile malware targeting banking apps