Full Name
Yair Divinsky
Job Title
Security Researcher
Vulcan Cyber
Speaker Bio
Yair is a Security Analyst in Vulcan’s esteemed Research Team. As a key member of Vulcan’s renowned ‘Voyager18’ Research Team, Yair specializes in analyzing data from both the Vulcan platform and external sources to offer an enhanced and comprehensive understanding of customers’ cyber risk mitigation and vulnerability remediation intelligence.
With a background in marketing, Yair also plays a crucial role in fostering the relationship between the Vulcan Research team and Vulcan Marketing teams. By collaborating closely with both teams, Yair helps facilitate the provision of free tools and cutting-edge insights on the latest cyber risk trends. This includes an in-depth exploration of new attack types and proactive vulnerability remediation strategies.
Yair’s unique blend of expertise in security analysis and marketing enables him to bridge the gap between technical insights and effective communication. By distilling complex cyber risk data into actionable information, Yair contributes to empowering organizations to make informed decisions and strengthen their security posture.
Yair Divinsky