Opening remarks and Fireside chat | Insurance coverage for ransomware: What you need to know
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 25, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Elisabeth Case Bill Brenner Mea Clift Ryan Bowman

Cyber insurance is more important than ever in light of ransomware attacks. It's also harder than ever to get the coverage you need. In this fireside chat, we'll explore the latest hurdles and guidance, including:

  • Carriers have shifted from focusing on post-breach solutions, to pre & post-breach solutions. Not just solutions, but which pre-breach solutions have the greatest impact
  • Insurance is being tailored to meet the needs of the clients; the support that we are providing to our customers, clients have valued the access to services. What has changed is the sophistication of those services that carriers can offer their clients.
  • Ransomware is an economy.  While victims and their carriers are evolving their models, the threat actors are also evolving their tactics so they can keep making money.
  • Ransom attacks shifting from just disabling servers to disable business, but data exfiltration and exposure, affecting more of the CIA triad we work to protect. And they don’t just affect direct accounts, but third party/supply chain connections as well.
  • Best Practices for Ransomware resilience with the attack focus shifting, and general ways to look at maturing your org in the face of that.
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