Best practices for securing your network from ransomware
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Chris McCormack

How effective is your network security at defending against today's ransomware attacks?

You've read the headlines, so you know: adversaries are more capable of executing attacks at scale than ever before. That's why we saw a 78% year over year increase in ransomware attacks! 

Want to protect your organization against these devastating attacks? First, learn what a typical targeted ransomware campaign looks like. Then, get the tools needed for the best defense possible.

In this upcoming webinar, we take a deep dive into our whitepaper, Best Practices for Securing Your Network from Ransomware. During the session, we'll break down how cybercriminals stage and execute ransomware and other network attacks. More importantly, we'll share top security tips to help you elevate your protection.

We'll explode the myth about how secure VPN is and explore how to eliminate your exposure from remote access. We'll examine the steps you need to take to block malware and ransomware from entering the network, including:
●  Switching to ZTNA
● Micro-segmenting your network
● Blocking RDP access
● Employing MFA
● Relying on experts as backup
In addition, we'll present our cybersecurity-as-a-service approach to combating these attackers with the powerful combination of Sophos Network Security and our Managed Detection and Response (MDR).
*The State of Ransomware 2022, Sophos - Independent survey of 5,600 IT professionals across 31 countries.

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