Full Name
Shane Barney
Job Title
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Speaker Bio
Shane Barney is the U.S. Ci􀆟zenship & Immigra􀆟on
Services (USCIS) Deputy Chief, Informa􀆟on Security
Division (ISD). He manages USCIS’s next genera􀆟on
Informa􀆟on Technology Security program responsible for
ensuring the confiden􀆟ality, integrity, and availability of
USCIS networks, systems, and informa􀆟on, protec􀆟on
from both internal and external threats, as well as the
implementa􀆟on of the informa􀆟on security program and
policies for the agency.
Prior to Shane’s roll as ISD Deputy, he was the Chief of
the Cyber Intelligence Branch within ISD overseeing the
classified opera􀆟ons, communica􀆟on security, insider
threat, and forensic programs for USCIS. Before joining
the federal workforce, he worked as a contractor for
USCIS helping to charter the technical direc􀆟on for the
intelligence and fraud/risk detec􀆟on missions on the classified networks, including analy􀆟cal tools,
data requirements, and system access needs.
Shane Barney